"Hridaansh is enjoying these games a lot."

" We play for 15-20 minutes everynight and we can see h is mental math improve a lot. He loved the certificate and has put it up in his room."

"Amaira enjoys playing this with her sisters."

"She has even learnt some math that she's actually small for. Very well thought of games. Best is, I don't need to tell them to practic emath anymore. They do it by themselves!"

"Veer couldn't believe these were math games!"

"He never thought that fraction could be so cool and math puzzles could be so interesting. I'm so happy his masi got this as a gift instead of the usual t-shirts and toy cars."

"Yuvraj happily sits to play these because it's all so colourful and attractive."

"Whe i take this kit out, he doesn't ask for a phone or a laptop to watch his shows. He and his friends are learning numbers and math with fun things like cupcakes and glitter stickers. It's good!"

"Anaya has learnt fractions doing what she loves - colouring and drawing!"

"It's great to watch her learn and enjoy math now. Every morning the kit comes out and we're practicing math while laughing, colouring and just having fun."

"5 stars!"

"I bought this for my niece who is 7. Great for kids. Parents must buy for their kids who wants their children to learn science through playing" - Divya Chauhan on Amazon