Super fun math games to play and practice!

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    • HAVE FUN WITH MATH: It's a kit with 3 fun math games plus tons of math activities and puzzles to ensure that children to fall in love with Math, and get ractice go, using our PLAY methodology: Play-And-Learn-All-Year’!
    • STEMUl8: The math games help stimulate upto 8 intelligences of your child - from visual, logical, ligusiticand other intelligences without the use of screens or worksheets. 

    • STORYTELLING - Our games are developed around stories which progressively connect with kids as you advance, as it is proven that kids learn through story-oriented play better than any other forms of learning

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - Age appropriate content and gameplay that focus on building key skills in young learners. Perfect gift for girls and boys ages 3 and up.


  • LEARNING PLUS: The puzzles, amath ctivities and different ways of playing help track the child's learning from easy to more challenging. The certificate helps boost motivation and confidence. 

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