The Pretty Special Raksha Bandhan Mini Gift box

Rs. 999.00
It includes: 
  1. 2 beautiful Rakhis
  2. 1 Ticks & Tocks: A super fun digital & analog clock learning card game to help little ones understand the concept of time.
  3. Spirograph: A super fun geometry set for creating amazing spirals.
  4. Tic Tac Toe: A fun strategy activity with siblings. Let's see who wins.
  5. Number Erasers: 0 to 9 numbers with plus, minus, division, equals to & multiplication signs
  6. Origami Rockets: Yes, we will have an instruction set that will help you create your own Raksha Bandhan special rocket & go on your own space tour with your fav sibling. Isn't it just wow!
  7. Rakhi I-spy-with-my-eye: Let's add our own Rakhi flavour to the game and have fun spotting the Rakhi related things with your little ones.