learn about the water cycle. by winning water droplets!

Rs. 499.00

Age: 6-10 years

About the game:

  1. Learn the water cycle and identify the processes in your natural environment while collecting as many droplets as you can.
  2. Super Fun with family & friends without involving any screens.
  3. Best 6+ years old boys and girls
  4. Used as teaching tool by teachers in various international schools
  5. Hugely entertaining value of this game along with repeated play ensures that kids get more practice than in classrooms or worksheets.
  6. The Pretty Geeky Gifts = Happy Kids. Best for birthday gifts and return gifts.


  • The box includes international quality learning based card game with 56 attractive cards
  • 20 special feature cards
  • 10 water droplet cards
  • Water Cycle Memory Hack
  • instructions sheet featuring Jessica Mobaska.

Skill Development:

  • Problem solving
  • cognitive abilities
  • creative strategy
  • concentration