coding + time + fractions + water cycle

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Age: 6 -10 years

Games in the Combo:

Half A Doodle: Learn the fractions while playing this Pictionary game and drive away the fear of math subject forever.

Ticks & Tocks: Make children fall in love with concept of time while they play.

Drippity Drops: Learn the water cycle and identify the processes in your natural environment while collecting as many droplets as you can.

Code-ayana: Learn & Play with coding concepts like by building algorithms and debugging errors while helping Sita find the route to Rama.

Skill Development from this combos:

  • numeracy & numerical reasoning
  • cognitive abilities
  • hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • visual discrimination
  • concentration
  • mental math
  • social and communication skills
  • memory building
  • team work
  • creative imagination & strategy
  • problem solving & logical reasoning