Why you should adopt self-paced learning for your kids?

Why you should adopt self-paced learning for your kids?

Why you should adopt self-paced learning for your kids?

The concept that learning should be initiated by the student rather than the instructor isn't new, but it has had a hard time gaining traction.

While we have little control over our children's experiences until they reach compulsory school age, we can impact their learning experience while they are in preschool and primary. These formative years are crucial because they determine how our children feel about school and how they will regard their learning experience in general. 


About Self-Paced Learning

Nature has created our young in such a way that they may self-direct their own learning. If they are given opportunity to grow, their natural learning instinct will operate best.
Learners' capacity to choose the speed and timing of their learning experience is termed as self-paced education. Self-paced courses do not have a predetermined timetable and instead enable students to work at their own speed.


Benefits of Self-paced Learning

  1. Improves Self Confidence
    We can all recall a moment when we raised our hand to answer a question, only to be called on by the teacher, who declared our response wrong. Children are hesitant to express themselves in this sort of atmosphere. Self-paced learning, on the other hand, improves a child's confidence.

  2. Children become Self-driven and Responsible
    When children are given the opportunity to be self-directed from a young age, it becomes a habit that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Students who are in charge of their own education rapidly find that they are also in charge of other parts of their lives.

  3. Builds Curiosity
    Kids will begin to explore more of their study materials if they are permitted to study anything they want without time limits. It generates a feedback loop in which students continue to seek out topics and subjects that excite and intrigue them, resulting in effective and strong learning.

  4. Learning becomes Meaningful for your child
    Self-driven learning arises from a personal desire and ultimately proves to be the most prudent kind of learning. With self-learning, learning is no longer a chore but a pleasure. 

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