#WednesdayWorksheets - 15th April

#WednesdayWorksheets - 15th April

#WednesdayWorksheets - 15th April

While we're hardcore fans of learning through play, we appreciate the need for an occasional worksheet too, - especially in these days of homeschooling and work from home (heck, sometimes supermums and dads too can be too tired or busy to play!)...so here are a couple of quick worksheets that your child can do mentally using the posts right here  (do we see her perching on your lap already?) or if you like print them out.


The PDF is here: https://b4eb8fd4-8eae-4d6b-afc0-a0bb025a44da.usrfiles.com/ugd/b4eb8f_24ea19f5fea545cba9ae388bcdd6381c.pdf


They are quick addition and subtraction worksheets for kindergartners and above, and are around the just-gone-by Easter and today's Tax Day.

Stay safe and stay indoors. 

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