Top 5 ways nature can help children learn

Top 5 ways nature can help children learn

Top 5 ways nature can help children learn

Boost kids' brainpower with nature.

There’s more to learning than what you get from books, or the all consuming screen. For one, Mother Nature herself. Here are the top 5 ways nature help your child learn:

  1. Restoring child’s attention
    Attention is important for learning, but many kids,these days, have trouble paying attention in the classroom, because of distractions, mental fatigue, or ADHD. Spending time in nature - a walk in a park, tending to some home plants or even a view of nature out the window—helps restore kids’ attention, allowing them to concentrate and perform better on cognitive tests.
    ADHD: Too Often Misdiagnosed in Females - Women's eNews

  2. Developing self-discipline
    Many children—particularly those with ADHD—have trouble with impulse control, which can get in the way of school learning and social behavior. Making friends may get difficult too. Green space in kids’ rooms or by the desk will help them with more self-discipline and concentration. Kids who participate in outdoor activities show a drop in their ADHD symptoms.
    The Importance of Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

  3. Promote social connection and creativity
    Letting kids spend time with natural elements or giving them structured nature experiences can make for a calmer, socially safe, and fun learning environment. Being outdoors can also enhance peer-to-peer relationships and student/teacher relationships.
    Children with better social connection at younger age tend to become anti- social later, says study - Education Today News

  4. Increase physical fitness
    While physical fitness is essential for children for many reasons, its role in learning may not immediately come to mind. In particular, cardiorespiratory fitness seems to support efficient cognitive processing, and kids with higher fitness levels do better academically. 
    What is your child's fitness personality? | TapGenes

  5. Boost motivation
    Studies show that learning in nature may improve motivation most in those students who are least motivated in traditional classrooms. Experts believe these effects are due to nature's reliably positive effects on mood and lead to a general increased interest in school and reduced absenteeism.
    The importance of motivation for kids

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