STEM Books for Toddlers

STEM Books for Toddlers

STEM Books for Toddlers

Never too little for big ideas! 5 must-read STEM books for babies and toddlers

Yeah yeah, we know, your little one has just started gurgling in a language of her own and your toddler’s biggest achievement today has been eating up the mashed banana without smearing it everywhere on their face (only the cheeks and hair today).

But it is never too early to learn some, right? Well, that’s at least what some wonderful writers and illustrators thought when they came up with these adorable STEM based books for the littlest of Einsteins and Marie Curies. Heck, Even before you know it, they will be building the spaceship to go to Pluto (why should Mars get all the attention?) or finding the cure for insomnia or Alzheimer’s.

So without wasting more time, here are a few lovely books to introduce your child to the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering and math.


1. Baby Loves Coding by Ruth Sprio. Illustrated by Irene Chan

This beautifully illustrated board book is precise enough to impress a coder, simple enough for your little listener. It illustrates the use of logic, sequencing and patterns to solve problems using simple language to encourage your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder.

2. Bath time Mathtime by Danica McKellar. Illustrated by Alicia Padron

How can Math not be fun when it involves friends, bubbles and rubber ducks! Written by a former TV star and mathematician (a true pretty, geeky one, we say!), this book beautifully introduces the concept of addition using the nightly routine of bath time. Give your toddler a fun, foamy head start on numbers!

3. Hello, World! Solar System by Jill Mcdonald

Ok, so maybe your little one has said “hello world” to everyone here on Earth just a while ago. But why should it stop you from introducing her/him to our planet’s neighbours? This bright and engaging book is the perfect way to teach your toddler about the sun, moon stars and planets using big shapes, vivid colours and super simple facts.

4. ABCs of Science by Chris Ferrie

Just what you need to introduce your little scientists to the captivating world of science. Written by an award-winning physicist and mathematician, the colourful book introduces a new science concept for every letter of the alphabet (so cool, right?). Each page is filled with information for multiple levels, so the book grows along with your little Newton

5. Marie Curie: My First Marie Curie by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Don’t be surprised if your little one quickly snuggles up to you every time you pick this book up to read. The quirky illustrations and simple sentences make this one a perfect read aloud to babies and toddlers and is bound to keep her engaged and even enthralled as she listens to the story about this Nobel Prize winning scientist.

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